1. Introduction

1.1. Motivation

This project was born when a need appeared for a JavaCard Applet simulator that would let us have a look at the internal bits such as maximum stack depth, memory used, ... A first idea was to parse the Java source file and interpret it. This idea quickly disapeared in flavor of CAP file parsing and execution. This way, we take the exact same imput as the smartcard for a result as comparable as possible. The CAP file parser was born.

1.2. Overview

The main component of this package is runcap.py, a little script (less than 300 lines) that agregate the included libs into a CAP file executer. This script has dependencies on pythoncard which provide the basic OS functionnalities of the JavaCard.

1.3. Integration

Thie project takes part of the WebSCard project. This particular part cares that SmartCard can be emulated without the need of a physical one.

1.4. Document structure

This document is split into two parts: The User Manual and the Development Manual.

As a user you a probably only interested in the first one, as a developper, both one should be of interest. The Development Manual will go more into details on how to build your application using part of the CAPRunner.